New Healthy Smile Membership Plan ~ New Patients Welcome!

No Dental Insurance?

No problem! The Healthy Smile Membership has been designed specifically for adults, age 18 and older, without dental insurance who need affordable dental care. Both membership plans are focused on long-term prevention and are tailored to your oral health care needs.

We are committed to providing you quality dentistry that will improve your overall health at prices you can afford. We are not a high production, high pressure office, instead we are here to provide you with a comfortable experience and individualized care.

The First Step

The first step is scheduling a Comprehensive Initial Exam in order to determine the plan you need. We will take the time to complete an extra oral and intra oral exam with all needed xrays.

We will take photos of your smile, teeth, bite and all current conditions so that you can share in the diagnosis and planning with one of our doctors. We screen not just for cavities but for gum health, oral cancer, mouth-body health connections and smile aesthetics.

Membership Special for Comprehensive Initial Exam: Only $79.00 (Savings of $157)

Determining Your Plan

At the initial exam your level of gum health will be evaluated and will determine what category of cleaning you require in order to select the plan that suits you best. There are two plans available specifically tailored to what your needs might be:

1. The Preventative Membership Plan
2. The Periodontal Membership Plan

If your mouth is generally healthy with no periodontal disease you will qualify for the Preventive Membership Plan. If you require specialized care, we will indicate that the Periodontal Membership Plan is for you.

What’s Included in the Healthy Smile Membership Plans

Indicates service is included in plan

Services Preventive Plan Periodontal Plan
3 Periodontal Cleanings/Year*
2 Preventive Cleanings/Year
2 Routine Examinations/Year
One set of check-up xrays as indicated/Year
Fluoride varnish treatment for those in the moderate or high risk category for cavities
10% Discount on general restorative dentistry: fillings, crowns, bridges, emergency exams,
additional required xrays and in office tests and periodontal treatments

*Periodontal treatments may be required before entering into the maintenance phase covered by the Periodontal Membership.  Need for periodontal treatments is determined at the initial examination and the services would then be provided at a 10% discount with the Periodontal Plan.

Healthy Smile Membership Plans Pricing & Savings

Pricing & Savings Preventive Plan Periodontal Plan
Annual Membership Only $199/Year  Only $299/Year
Regular Price for Services $564 $810
SAVINGS with Membership =
$365 + Discounts $511 + Discounts

Get Started Today, it’s Easy: Call our Office at (360) 264-2353

Questions & Answers

I’m in! How do I get started?

All you need to do is schedule an Initial Comprehensive Exam with our receptionist. To do so, call our office at (360) 264-2353 and say you are interested in signing up for a membership plan.

How can I pay for the membership?

Credit (VISA, MC, AE and Discover) & debit cards are accepted, as well as checks with acceptable identification.

Once you have joined and paid the annual fee, the services listed are included with your annual membership and are covered at 100% for your future visits during the year. Any further treatment that is needed is discounted by 10% and full payment is due the day of service by Credit Card, Debit Card or Check. Failure to pay terminates the membership agreement.

How do I know what my Membership start and end date are?

Your membership start date is considered the day your payment is received and covers you for the following 12 months. Membership renewal payments are due annually on your initial sign up date.

What if I am already a patient & want to sign-up for a Membership Plan?

We’d love to have you join! If you’ve been in for regular care and exams within the last year you will not need to complete the Initial Comprehensive Exam, you can just sign up for the Membership that your oral health indicates is appropriate. If you have not had an exam in the last year then you will need to start with the Comprehensive Exam to assess current conditions.

Are benefits transferable to other family members or friends?

No, each individual member must use their own benefits.

Can I roll over benefits that I haven’t used to the next year?

No, any benefit not used within your year is lost when your benefit year is over. We can schedule your preventive and periodontal visits ahead so that you have a time reserved that works for your schedule and will allow you to utilize your preventive benefits each year. It is the responsibility of the patient to prearrange their visits within their 12 month membership period in order to maximize benefit coverage. If benefits are not used, the member will not be entitled to a refund.

What if I have to cancel a cleaning appointment?

If you call us 48 hours prior to your visit then it’s no problem to reschedule your appointment to a time that is more convenient for you. If you give us less than 48 hours notice the canceled visit will count as one of your cleaning benefits for the year. We ask for 48 hours notice so that we have time to offer canceled appointments to other patients.

What else do I need to know?

  • Preventive and Periodontal Memberships are NOT dental insurance plans.
  • The memberships cannot be used in conjunction with dental insurance or other discount offers.
  • The membership is not transferable to other dental offices, including specialty referrals.
  • The membership is not transferable to other family members or friends.
  • No credit is given for unused benefits.

What are the exclusions of coverage?

  • Demonstrated non-compliance with recommended course of treatment will terminate the membership plan.
  • Services which are not necessary or recommended for the patients dental health.
  • Over the counter products sold by the office.
  • Services not offered by the office.
  • After hours emergency exams.
  • Periodontics, endodontics, oral surgery or pedodontics requiring a referral outside the office.
  • Medications.
  • Administration of conscious sedation.
  • Procedures that cannot be performed because of the physical or psychological limitations of the patient.
  • Procedures or needs covered by another dental plan.
  • Services which are provided for injuries or conditions under Workers Compensation, State Disability plans.
  • Services which are provided without cost to the member by any other entity.


Get Started Today: Call the Office at (360) 264-2353